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Best Looking Linux Distro. Linux Mint Cinnamon. Linux Mint Cinnamon is one of the best-looking Linux distros out there. Bodhi Linux. Bodhi is a lightweight Ubuntu-based derivative which offers Moksha, an Enlightenment-17-based desktop environment. Chrome OS. Solus OS. What's the best looking Linux desktop you've seen? - Quora Deepin Linux released last month, is loaded with more efficient layout tweaks that give the distribution greater functionality and maturity. Deepin, based in China, shed its Ubuntu base when with the 2015 release of version 15, which favored Debia 6 Best Linux Distros For Beginners in 2020 - TechBrackets Jul 03, 2020

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Mar 20, 2018 Linux distro review: System76’s Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS | Ars The subject of today's Linux distro review is perhaps one of a kind—as far as we know, Pop!_OS is the first Linux distribution to be created and maintained by a hardware OEM manufacturer. Best Linux distro for programming and developers. - OLinux If you are looking to use another distro as your main computing platform having Kali as a battery-powered backup can be very very handy. Conclusion. Any Linux distribution can be a Best Linux distro for programming however distribution in above mentioned list are more polished and can give you a head start when setting up your programming Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros - OSRadar