How to Block a Facebook User Quickly and Anonymously

Remember, if you frequently block and unblock your YouTube subscribers, it may have a negative effect on the way YouTube views you along with the way you handle your channel. So make certain that if you block someone that it is for all the right reasons. Watch the Video Below: how do I block someone from seeing my channel? - YouTube There isn't any way to block someone from seeing your public videos or playlists. You can make your videos or playlists Unlisted, which means only someone with a direct link can see them. Or you can make your videos or playlists or private, and only share them with specific people (you need to know their Google Account email to share private How To Block A Channel On YouTube - Practical Mommy What happens when you block someone on YouTube? When you block a channel or a person on YouTube, you are only blocking them from commenting on your videos and sending you private messages. Not very helpful right? Is there ANY way to block a channel on YouTube? Actually there is one way you can block a channel on YouTube but it’s not through How To Block Someone On YouTube -

Apr 15, 2020

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How to Block Someone on your YouTube Channel - Ban People

Note: Keep in mind that you can block someone only on your own YouTube Channel, not someone else. From Video Itself First Login to your YouTube Account then go to the video who commented on it, you don’t want that person anymore and you want to block him or her from your channel.