I can ping from the OPT1 interface in pfSense' Diagnostics/Ping page but I cannot ping that address from the WAN or LAN interface in pfSense. Is there anything obvious from the above description that would explain why I cannot see the 10.200.1 net from the 172.16 net? Here is a screenshot of the VSC config on the MSM760.

Feb 07, 2019 [SOLVED] Traffic not passing through from LAN to WAN Jun 28, 2016 Configuration — Interface Configuration | pfSense Aug 02, 2019

Add the allow rules for all traffic on each of the three interfaces (WAN/LAN/OPT1). This step is to ensure we have a full transparent bridge without any filtering taking place. You can setup the correct rules when you have confirmed the bridge to work properly. Go to Firewall ‣ Rules and add a rule per interface to allow all traffic of any type.

Enabled DHCP server on the OPT1 interface and set the IP range. Nothing else touched here. I just configured the general options and hit save. NAT - In the outbound section: Made sure everything was in automatic. Firewall - Added a Pass rule for OPT1 on IPv4 for any IP protocol. Source is OPT1 net and destination is Any. After all of these steps.

pfSense routing between subnets behind OPT1 and LAN

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