2020-1-10 · IE8 has introduced a new option, Preserve Favorites website data, that may cause these IE browser's cache not to be cleared and will cause as well user confusion under browser defaults. This as far typically, the web site you are working with, will be in the favorites list on your Intranet.

IE8+ and clearing browser cache cookies ect.. 2011-9-15 · I like the design it is easy to advise people how to clear their browser but there are a few problems which often make it relentless to speak to people who are not very great with computers. Ill get to the point here the option for "Preserve Favorites and Website Data" is frustrating and · Hi Larry, This is a public forum for web developers. All How to Clear Your Browser's Cache | Facebook 2011-11-30 · Note: IE8 has a "feature" which retains some cookies even after you clear your cache if you do not UNCHECK the "Preserve Favorites Website Data." If you truly need to clear your cache, you will want to uncheck this! INTERNET EXPLORER 7 1. Open IE 7

2016-11-29 · So, although a bit late let’s go ahead and cover the details for clearing cache, history, and cookies from IE8. How-To Clear Temp. Internet files, Cookies, Website History & Passwords

2013-11-16 Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history

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2020-4-15 · Older Internet Explorer versions, like IE10, IE9, and IE8, have similar procedures for clearing the cache. However, it's best to run the latest version of IE if you can. Avoid clearing the cache in IE manually by using a program that does it for you. One popular system cleaner is CCleaner. Refresh your cache for Internet Explorer 8