6.7. System Shutdown and Restart. To shut down the system from a terminal session, sign in or "su" to the "root" account. Then type ``/sbin/shutdown -r now''. It may take several moments for all processes to be terminated, and then Linux will shut down. The computer will reboot itself.

There is no difference in them. Internally they do exactly the same thing: reboot uses the shutdown command (with the -r switch). The shutdown command used to kill all the running processes, unmount all the file systems and finally tells the kernel to issue the ACPI power command. How to stop, start, and restart Apache on various Linux Sep 12, 2019 Forums - Command to restart services on a linux server?

20.8. Shutting off, Shutting down, Rebooting, and Forcing

Start and Stop the Machine Agent - AppDynamics Linux and Solaris systems. Running in the Foreground: Press Ctrl+C to stop the agent process. Running in the Background: Identify the process ID (PID) and use the kill command.. Identify the agent process: ps -ef | grep machineagent. The output provides the process ID (PID) of the Machine Agent process.

To restart the agent, press Ctrl+C and then run run.sh to restart it. To use your agent, run a job using the agent's pool. If you didn't choose a different pool, your agent will be in the Default pool. Run once. For agents configured to run interactively, you can choose to have the agent accept only one job. To run in this configuration:./run

Feb 16, 2016 Reset access to an Azure Linux VM | Microsoft Docs Restart SSH. The following example restarts the SSH daemon and resets the SSH configuration to default values on a VM named myVM: az vm user reset-ssh \ --resource-group myResourceGroup \ --name myVM Create an administrative/sudo user. The following example creates a … Is there a command to factory reset Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu I have a black screen on my PC, and I've somehow got in the terminal the terminal is all black and I can only do commands. Is there a command to factory reset your PC through the terminal? Best way to remote restart Ubuntu from Windows machine