Oct 12, 2011

In these situations, you can configure what is known as a WINS proxy agent. A WINS proxy is a computer on a local subnet that listens for name resolution broadcasts. After the WINS server receives a broadcast, it queries the WINS server on behalf of the non-WINS client and returns the results. When you configure WINS replication, you should consider the following: You can configure WINS servers to be both push and pull partners with other WINS servers. WINS servers replicate only changes, not the full WINS database. On Windows NT WINS servers, you can manually force WINS replication by clicking the Replicate Now button in WINS Manager. Install a WINS server To install a WINS server, open the Server Manager and click "Add Roles and Features". Then, select "Role-based or feature-based installation", select your server and click Next. You arrive at the step regarding server roles.

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Jan 29, 2008 WINS Server 2012 R2 Installation and Configuration in

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Jul 05, 2017 What is difference between a WINS server and a DNS server? WINS is an essential part of the Microsoft networking topology. In the older days, you were required to run a WINS server in order to avoid name resolution problems within a Windows network. The NetBIOS (Windows machine names) protocol back then would only work on the NetBEUI transport protocol.