A very helpful and mature book, if you're ever wondering, "what should I put up my ass this time?". A/N: this book is just meant for fun and isn't meant to be taken seriously. #fun #great #humor #jokes #laugh #16 595 0 0. by curlyinfinity. by curlyinfinity Follow. Share. Share via …

Is it dangerous to let him *** in your bum during anal You can get STDs. Ring 0800 28 29 30, it's a free sex helpline set up by the Government and you can ask them anything from why people to masturbate to am I pregnant. Good luck and stay clean! 0. bf keeps trying to put it in my bum Related articles. Tight foreskin All about contraception Getting the coil fitted Sexual health advice. 5 Awesome Fucking Reasons Straight Men Should Take It Up Apr 19, 2017 Bottle in My ass (INAPPROPRIATE ITEMS SHOVED UP THE BUTT

What can I stick up my butt? | Yahoo Answers

Apr 19, 2017

13 years ago | pl dildo or anal beads safest bet. Or if you go to the store you can find rounded bottles. Just make sure you wash them really well before and after use, and that they have no sharp edges cause that can fuck your intestine up.

Well on a serious note you could put an ice or a few more than one up your ass. And yes, you would just feel a little mild pleasant cool watery sensation when it reaches/ enters rectum. But this is one of a very precautionary case.