IP filter is a basic firewall function. So an IP filter comes with your computer. In a torrenting context, it could be used to block known copyright trolls. BUT, this is an older technique, and probably not of much use, as copyright trolls can use a VPN too. From a utorrent ip filter updater project site: This project has been de-commissioned.

Filter by label. Use alt + click/return to exclude labels. Projects Tixati feature #51 opened Apr 23, 2019 by Wolf1098 vNext 1. A simple request to add for IP filtering is better than nothing, but it's got two problems: IP addresses can be spoofed. If an internal machine is compromised (that includes a client workstation, e.g. via installation of a Trojan), then the attacker can use that as a jump host or proxy to attack your system. Nov 24, 2010 · On the German "60 Minutes" it was shown how large groups of people roam the internet, join swarms of files that are specifically on their "to-watch" list, automatically filter out the German IPs (since these only are of judicial interest), and through WHOIS retrieve a name and address with that IP. IP Filter blocklist parsing supports additional formats (see IP Filter Format support page) minimum IP Filter refresh time reduced to 3 hours fixed tree/list view sort ordering of names containing It supports simultaneously downloaded queue, downloads, fast-resume, disk cache, IP-filter support, proxy, port mapping, graphical info, speed limits, and selected downloads in torrent package, etc. The main idea of its peer to peer service is that user protocol creates a service by gathering resources. There's no way to manually override settings for download queuing that's available in other torrent clients. For example, if there are 2 files in the download list and the software is configured to queue just one at a time there's no way to force a download of both without changing the settings. A workaround plugin can be found here. See More Jun 23, 2020 · uTorrent is not the only free torrent client program available in the market. There are various free and cheap uTorrent alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android to help you to download torrents more easily.

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Feb 06, 2014 Tixati 2.25 - Neowin Oct 31, 2015

April 30, 2020 Tixati version 2.73 is now available. This is an important release with many improvements: in Settings > Transfers > General, new settings to auto-stop seeding after time limit, for regular, created, and constant seeds

What's in this list? Alternatives to Tixati for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, BSD and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Tixati. List updated: 2/16/2020 8:27:00 AM Tixati lets users manage downloads by allowing them to limit the bandwidth used and even filter the IP addresses. The client offers the ability to schedule tasks and subscribe to the RSS feeds of If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Tixati and many of them are available for Mac so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting Mac alternatives to Tixati are Transmission (Free, Open Source), µTorrent (Freemium), Deluge (Free, Open Source) and Free Download Manager (Free).