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2) Turn off my modem for 2 minutes. 3) plug the modem into the AE after powering up and set the AE to factory settings. 4) Configure the AE as a new network. 5) Plug the other router up stairs into the AE through ethernet . 6) Anything else I am missing or doing wrong? The windows computer is old and does not pick up a wifi signal. My usb port is not working. when i turn on my laptop, its usb port is not working. but after some time of turning on it work for while or for a long time. it automatically connected and disconnected regularly. most of the time it doesnt work. help me please I've googled the error, and its due to ports not forwarding I'm pretty sure. I've opened my router settings, given my pc a static ip, added custom services in the 'firewall' settings, after that I clicked the button saying 'inbound services' and set up custom rules for port forwarding. I've followed the guide found here on this website. Dec 03, 2015 · computer or laptop sound not working. 3. Port paranoia. This is a mistake noobs make when they get their first desktop. There are two 3,5 mm ports on the back of the PC case or the CPU. One is pink and the other, green. Pink port – Microphones only computer or laptop sound not working My usb ports on the back of my computer don't seem to be working even though the device manager says that there is no problem with them. The PC is about 5-6yrs old and is running windows XP.

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Nov 06, 2015 · The ports themselves are not working. Not only are they not sending power, they just aren't working. And this morning, the keyboard and mouse weren't working again, and they were connected to the front USB. So I guess that all USB ports stop working for some reason. I had to restart my computer to get them working again. That's how I'm typing this.

SOLVED: My front USB port is not working? - Desktop PC A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. My front USB port is not working? The USB ports in the front of the desktop CPU is not working efficiently, I think the connection has been getting