Apr 14, 2020

How to set preferred DNS Servers via DHCP Oct 29, 2015 5 Things Your ISP Doesn't Want You to Know About Their DNS With those distinctions out of the way, here is a handful of reasons to use a different DNS service: You might get faster service. Third-party DNS servers are sometimes faster than an ISP's default DNS servers. That isn't certain though. The Top 5 Best DNS Servers for improving Online Privacy Dec 25, 2018

Apr 17, 2020

10 Best DNS Servers in 2020 (Free and Public) | Beebom

Jul 01, 2020

Use DNS Policy for Intelligent DNS Responses Based on the May 22, 2020 Configure Network DNS and WINS Servers In the DNS Servers section, click Add. In the IP Address text box, type the primary IP address for the DNS server. Click OK. (Optional) Repeat Steps 4–6 to specify up to three DNS servers. If you specify a local DNS server, make sure that server appears first in the list. Making Route 53 the DNS service for a domain that's in use Step 1: Get your current DNS configuration from the current DNS service provider (optional but recommended) Step 2: Create a hosted zone Step 3: Create records Step 4: Lower TTL settings Step 5: Wait for the old TTL to expire Step 6: Update the NS record with your current DNS service provider to use Route 53 name servers Step 7: Monitor traffic for the domain Step 8: Update the domain